• As of late February, we still a limited amount of dates remaining, but we are still shipping. Dates may ship out UPS or USPS.
  • 4 lbs Black Sphinx Dates $60 including shipping.
  • 8 lbs Black Sphinx Dates $112 including shipping
  • 12 lbs Black Sphinx Dates $162 including shipping

After a great year for date production, we are still shipping beautiful dates as we head into 2024

You’ll be happy to know that our packaging is made from a minimum 70% recycled material to minimize waste.

Dates are shipped Mondays, Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesday (depending on your location) via USPS or UPS. Arizona residents can often get them next day. Most locations can expect them within 2 days, with a few taking 3 or 4 days. Yes, we ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska. We have shipped packages to Puerto Rico, Maui and the Big Island. A recent package to Pahoa, Hawaii got there in two days!. While food prices have increased by around 10% in the last year, we have decided to keep our prices the same as last year. About 75% of our sales are repeat customers. Thanks so much to everyone for keeping us going all these years.